About me

Who am I ?

A 20 years old versatile artist
I like pastel colors, flowers, patterns and cute packaging.
I draw, I glue, I write, I model and I put make up on my face
If there’s creation, I try to put my emotion on top.

I’m battling against depression since five years and my feelings are my main inspiration source.
I try to create visual poems, and mind patchworks.
I put a bit of myself in every piece.

For me, art is transmetting feeling, emotions, messages through multiple medium.
It’s a unique vision specific to any individuals, like a language.
Nobody experiences things the same way and it’s what make art so versatile and wonderful.
And my world vision is what I try to show with everything I create.

Who am I ?

I’ve been working on a huge autobiographical project with the help of many artist friends
Hopefully, there will be music, photography, videos, graphism, poems, animations…
For now, the project is still in the making.
If I sparked your curiosity, my project have it’s own instagram page, feel free to check it out.